Montessori Children’s School offers Montessori classrooms for children ages 1 – 12 in Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding area.

The Montessori Children’s School believes that all children:

  • are unique
  • have their own style of learning
  • need to learn at their own pace
  • when stimulated properly, learn spontaneously
  • thrive in a positive environment
  • are inquisitive, curious and creative

Parents have a deep desire to find the best for their child, the perfect environment in which they can develop to their full potential and become a happy, confident, and self-motivated adult. Montessori Children’s School has created this environment, which is strengthened by the school’s deep conviction that a Montessori education allows them to build positive attitudes towards learning and towards life. It is the mission of Montessori Children’s School to prepare happy, competent, self-motivated, and responsible leaders.