Young Children’s Community

Stepping Stones East and Stepping Stones West

  • One – Three Years of Age
  • Full Day and Half Day Programs Available

At about one years of age most children demonstrate an eagerness to engage in activities in a community of others. The Young Children’s Community is designed to meet the developmental needs of the young child on his or her quest for independent action and decision making.

Our teachers are trained Montessori Directresses who recognize children’s special developmental needs. They have created environments to foster incredible intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth occurring during this developmental phase in the child’s life. The environments offer the beauty, order and predictability necessary for the young child to feel comfortable to spontaneously explore.

The Stepping Stones rooms become an extension of the homes to our students with activities that address their quest for independence within a safe and secure environment. We invite their participation in activities ranging from cooking projects to stories and songs to the development of self-help skills.

As the children explore their surroundings in the Young Children’s Community, they absorb every aspect of the environment, language, and culture. The Directresses give the children their first experience of a Children’s Community where each member is respected and loved, and where the child’s natural curiosity leads to real learning.

Parents play an important role in helping shape a child’s attitude and habits toward school at this stage. The Young Children’s Community encourages parents to share their experiences and concerns, learn about child development, and communicate openly with the directresses and other parents. As a Montessori parent, you join other parents working to build a better tomorrow for your child and through your child, while she is busy building the adult she will become.