Six – Twelve Years of Age

  • Lower and Upper Elementary

Our school offers a full Elementary program from level one through six.

The Elementary program continues to build on the foundation established in the Primary program, and centers on the Montessori concept of a whole child approach to curriculum. The core subjects of Language, Math and Geometry are continued using step-by-step presentations with Montessori materials. Along with the core subjects, cultural studies that expand into Social Studies and Science, Health and Physical Well Being, Foreign Language, Dance, Art, Gardening, and Music are taught to ensure that our students receive quality instruction that prepares them for their futures in education and in life.

The Montessori approach allows students to progress at their individual pace. Students are given the opportunity to work independently, demonstrating individual ability and creativity. Students also work in groups, where they develop leadership, communication skills, and etiquette.

MCS believes that the best way to equip children to face the challenges of the future is to create balanced, self-reliant individuals. It is a priority to monitor each child’s progress through the year to make sure they are given the support needed to reach their full potential. This will take place using a host of different tools. Some include work plans, assessments, lesson plans, journaling, term and mid-term reports, parent/teacher conferences, narratives, Iowa tests and a permanent progress record of all lessons mastered.

The Montessori Children’s School strives to cultivate within the student a global vision. Children will develop gratitude for the universe and their lives within it. The Elementary program takes children to the stage where their powers of reasoning make it possible for them to explore endlessly wherever their interests lead them.

The core idea is to create a love of learning and to help every child understand that they will be inherently successful in whatever they choose to pursue in life.