Volunteer Hours FAQ

1. How many volunteer hours do I need?
The current requirement is 30 hours per child with a maximum of 60 hours per family each school year.

2. What happens if my child attends for only half of the school year?
A prorated amount of hours will be required for children attending only half of the school year. (For example: 1 child would need 15 volunteer hours)

3. What can I do for volunteer hours?

There are many opportunities to meet your volunteer hours. See the previous page or contact the Volunteer Coordinator for a list of volunteer opportunities that will best suit you and your family.

**Please note that bringing snack for your child’s classroom can be counted toward your volunteer hours. Save your receipts and record the amount spent as described below in question #4.

4. Where do I record my volunteer hours?

The Volunteer Log Book/Binder is located on the front counter in the office. A volunteer log sheet has been prepared for each MCS family and filed alphabetically. Find your family’s sheet and record the date, the volunteer task (or item purchased), and the number of hours (or amount spent) in the appropriate columns. Every $10.00 spent is equivalent to one (1) volunteer hour.

**Families may also email their volunteer hours to admin@mcsjax.org. Extra copies of log sheets are available in the volunteer log book/binder and maybe filled out at home then scanned and emailed to the address above.

**Please remember it is our responsibility as parents to keep an accurate record of our volunteer hours.

5.Do I need to save my receipts?

Families do not need to submit receipts.  MCS inherently trusts family members to document their time and money spent accurately.

6. Can I carry over hours from year to year?
No, Excess hours cannot be carried over to the next school year.

7. What happens if I am unable to complete my hours?
A fee of $10 per hour will be assessed at the end of the school year for any outstanding volunteer hours.

Current Parents:  See your Family Handbook for more information.