The parents are an informed and active body. They are recognized as the primary educators of their child(ren). The Montessori Children’s School depends on the collaborative efforts of parents through The Board of Directors and the Montessori Volunteer Community (MVC) to provide a quality educational setting.

MCS encourages parents to be involved with their child’s educational experience. Parents are asked to participate in classroom observation, parent orientation, parent/child nights, and acquiring knowledge on the philosophy and practice of Montessori. Through these activities parents will learn more about their child, our classroom environments, the Montessori experience, and become advocates for their child’s lifelong love of learning.

The Montessori Children’s School is a true community school. Understanding the old additive, that “it takes a village”!

The Montessori Volunteer Community (MVC)

The Montessori Volunteer Community is a parent-led effort that helps align the efforts of the volunteers with the needs and requirements of the school.  Additionally, the MVC is an inclusive group that helps develop closer relationships among families through fellowship and cooperation.  All families become active members of the MVC upon their enrollment of their child in Montessori Children’s School.

Volunteer activities are divided into four broad categories:

  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Board of Directors and Campus Support
  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation