MCS Admission Process

Learn the steps below, or download this document.

Step 1 Learn More About MCS!

Basic information on our school, the Montessori Method of education, and our fundamental curriculum is available on our website. A review of this information will make your subsequent visit to our school and contact with the staff much more meaningful and relevant to your child’s needs.

Step 2 Tour our Campus

Our campus is beautiful and we want you to see it!  Tours are available by appointment.  Call the school at 910-938-3826 to learn more and schedule your tour.

Step 3 Submit an Application

After the tour parents/guardians may complete the application for the child.  A submitted application places the child on our wait list.

Step 4  Classroom Observation for the Parents (Primary & Elementary)

Parents/guardians schedule a time with the office to observe a classroom during the morning work period.

Step 5   Visit with the Child and the Parents

Parents/guardians and perspective students will be scheduled for a personal visit with the Education Director and a Classroom Directress to further discuss the commitment to the Montessori philosophy. We value evidence of parental cooperation and support. Our greatest goal is for the family to have a full understanding of the working of the classroom and the school.

Step 6 Acceptance into One of Our Programs

Parents will be contacted regarding our admission decision. If a position is offered, we will continue with the admissions process.

If a place is not immediately available, your child continues to remain on our wait list. We occasionally experience drops through the year and we would be able to invite your child to attend when a place becomes available.

If after reviewing applications, we feel it is unlikely that we will find a place for your child, we will inform you at that time.

If it is our judgment that your child would have a difficult time in a Montessori environment, we will inform you after the visit.

Step 7 Acceptance

An acceptance letter with an enrollment contract and request for annual school fee payment is provided to the family. The contract should be reviewed, signed and Annual School fee payment sent to the school office by the assigned due date.

Step 8 Enrollment Paperwork

Once payment is received and you have secured the space for the student, a packet of required enrollment forms will be provided to you. Completed forms are due by the date indicated on the enrollment forms paperwork.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 910-938-3826 or

The Montessori Children’s School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin in the administration of any school policy or programs.